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Superhost | Airbnb Plus Host

Getting here wasn't as hard as YOU think....

There were a few stumbles along the way. But after lots of research, trial and error,

I'm finally here and you can be too!

I started hosting guests in May 2015 after I left a dreadful corporate marketing job. Since then I've hosted guests from all over the world in my 4 Toronto, Canada listings. I'm now a co-host in 4 other properties and have been a Superhost since my first quarter on Airbnb. I've hosted over 3000 guests and boast a 4.9/5.0 review rating.

I mentioned research above. It has been, and currently still is, hours of reading help articles, e-books, watching youtube and listening to podcasts about hosting. My love of hosting has driven me to learn everything I can about Airbnb. There have been many lessons learned from the thousands of inquiries, hundreds of change requests, many calls to Airbnb and the Airbnb Open conference.

I've been working with new hosts on and off since 2016. Finally after nearly all of my clients telling me that I should teach new hosts full time, I'm finally doing it. I've refined my system and am ready to share it with you!

In July 2016 I led an Airbnb sponsored Meetup for New Hosts

I walked new hosts through the necessary elements of a successful listing on Airbnb. I shared with them sample messages, tips and tricks and best practices. The event was attended by about 30 new hosts.


After returning to my Airbnb I discovered that my guest had thrown a party. Luckily nothing was damaged. It was just messy, really messy! I was determined to never let this happen again! And so after 2500 guests it hasn't.


I never wanted to come back to another mess again. The party not only caused me huge stress but it also jeopardized the next check in. The next guests were arriving in just a few short hours. Argh!
So over the next few months I shaped my listings to:

・Appeal to true home-sharers

・Discourage problematic guests

・Reach a 95% + occupancy rate

・At least double my monthly costs in sales

I was bound and determined to get Superhost status and keep it forever (which I currently still hold).
I knew the key to getting the best guests was to learn as much as I could about being a host:

・At least double my monthly costs in sales

・Reading help files from Airbnb

・Watching videos and reading blogs

・Attending meetups and the Airbnb conference

・Joining facebook groups and the Airbnb online community

With this knowledge I developed a robust system for hosting that has served me extremely well. As I was identified as being in the top 1% of Canadian hosts in 2017 by Airbnb.

Superhost since the very beginning.

I developed my system for hosting within the first 3 months. I knew I was onto something when I received Superhost status in the first quarter. I still hold it today.

Things really started to take off.

Once my system started working I really started to love hosting. I worried less and made more money.
This lead to expansion. I now have 4 of my own listings and co-host 4 others.

Top 1% in Canada

Before Airbnb launched Plus, they piloted in a few select cities, including Toronto. Only the top 1% of hosts were eligible for the launch. Luckily that was me!

Strong academics and a natural teacher.

I hold a Master's in Business from the St. Mary's University and am a member of the Beta Gama Sigma International Honour Society. I was formerly a designated CPA. Since my early 20's I've been coaching and leading high school students in small business with Junior Achievement.

Let Airbnb fuel your dreams.

Whether as a secondary income or a as full time job,

hosting on Airbnb is rewarding in so many ways.

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Learn how to Host only the BEST Guests

In my Ultimate Guide to Avoiding the Worst Guests, I share my technique for avoiding problematic guests. The trick is getting them to avoid your listing and/or cancel their request.

You'll get the exact messages I send to guests I do not want to host. Plus, you'll also get one of the most comprehensive lists of House Rules. Combined this is the best way to avoid problematic guests and keep your hosting stats high.

Using this technique, I get only the best guests.

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