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Split service fee or Simplified Pricing on Airbnb. What's best for your short term rentals business?

pricing profits Jan 31, 2022

If you're able, should you switch to Airbnb's Simplified Pricing?

Or should you stay with the current Airbnb service fee split of 3% on the host side and 5-20% on the guest side?

With Airbnb's Simplified Pricing you, as the host pay 15% to...

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The Biggest Hurdle In Your Airbnb Business

growth mindset Jan 31, 2022

One of the biggest things blocking hosts from achieving their Airbnb business dreams is: You!

The brain is wired to keep you safe.

The problem is that many of the brain's safety mechanisms are no longer useful in modern society.

These safety...

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How To Hire The BEST Airbnb Cleaners for your short term rentals business

cleaning growth hiring Jan 02, 2022

Finding great cleaners for your Airbnb business can seem like an impossible task.

Many short term rentals hosts either put up with mediocre cleaners and finish the job themselves. Or worse, they fire their cleaner and just do it themselves.


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Will Hosting Pets Grow Your Airbnb Business?

host tips pets profits Dec 22, 2021

There's no denying it, most pet owners consider their pets a member of the family.

Now, more than ever people are traveling with their pets.

But hosting pets can add significant costs to your Airbnb business.

This raises some interesting...

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Airbnb offers insurance now? Details on how to protect your Airbnb business

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Airbnb announced enhancements to the host protections they provide to hosts:

  • In the event that your home is damaged by a guest
  • In the event your guest is injured or their...
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Put an End to the Most Common Guest Question

It's a question we get all the time as Airbnb hosts: How Fast is Your WiFi?

Finally, there's a way to measure your WiFi speed right in the app and post it directly to your listing.

Having this information posted directly on your Airbnb listing...

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Keep the Success Going in Your Airbnb Business

Link to my FREE Guide to getting to the top of search results on Airbnb 

I've seen it happen time and time again: hosts are rocking their business with full - or - nearly full calendars and then it goes dead

You can avoid this by following...

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The 5 Tips BEFORE You Start Your Airbnb

This is a must-see if you're thinking about starting to host on Airbnb!

I uncover 5 things that would-be hosts often fail to consider before starting their hosting journey.

New Airbnb hosts need to consider 5 things:

    1. They're actually in business...
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Is Travel Back?? Which Airbnbs are Already Booked this Summer? Airbnb Business Tips For New Hosts

Vaccination rates are increasing!

Memorial day weekend in the US saw the largest number of air travelers since the pandemic began.

Does this mean Airbnb businesses are back to normal?

How should you be pricing your Airbnb?

What about minimum and...

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Your Airbnb Business & the 103 Recent Updates to the Airbnb Platform

This week Airbnb announced 103 updates to the platform!!!

The BIG question is how much more profit will these changes generate for your Airbnb business?

Will you have to re-learn the entire Airbnb system?

If you're NEW to hosting, what do these...

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