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After a listing's photos, ratings are the next most important factor a guest uses to choose a listing. 

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In my Ultimate Guide to Avoiding the Worst Guests, I share my technique for avoiding problematic guests. The trick is getting them to avoid your listing and/or cancel their request.

You'll get the exact messages I send to guests I do not want to host. Plus, you'll also get one of the most comprehensive lists of House Rules. Combined this is the best way to avoid problematic guests and keep your hosting stats high.

Using this technique, I get only the best guests.


Hi, I'm Matt!

I've been helping hosts succeed and standout since 2016.

As a fellow host and active community member, I have been invited by Airbnb to participate in pilot programs and to deliver a new host seminar. In 2018, I was identified as one of the top 1% of Canadian hosts.  I currently manage 10 listings including 3 Airbnb Plus listings -- one of which was one of the very first in Canada! I have earned over ½ million in revenue on Airbnb. I operate at nearly 98% occupancy and regularly see up to 11,500 views a month on my 4 core listings. 

Fast-forward your hosting skills by letting me teach you the secrets of running a successful and profitable Airbnb.

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I share my best practices, proven strategies and the best kept secrets of Airbnb Superhosts. You'll get the experience of over 2500 guests so you can avoid problem guests and earn more!

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Learn the best kept Airbnb Hosting secrets.


I'll share with you how I prep each listing, get my pick of the best guests and consistently earn more than the average host. I've developed a step by step approach to make it easy to achieve great results.

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I've been working with hosts since 2016. Here's what a few of them had to say

Susan B

When I met Matt I was renting two of my three apartments out long term and living in one. With Matt’s help I now rent all three apartments on Airbnb.

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Sholom A

I started working with Matt after I'd worked with a different host and was unsatisfied with the results. I've been so impressed by his system, process and interactions with guests. 

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Tamara L

I ended working with Matt after I was a guest in one of his units. I was so impressed with the way he anticipates guests’ needs, how clear and simple his instructions were and how clean his place was.

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Anne F

I met Matt at an Airbnb host meetup. Although I’d been a host a few years longer than Matt, I was impressed by his systems, the way he deals with guests and his mastery of the Airbnb system.

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I share my best practices, proven strategies and the best kept secrets of Airbnb Superhosts. You'll get the experience of over 2500 guests so you can avoid problem guests and earn more!