The mystery is finally SOLVED: How to rank more consistently on the 1st page of search on Airbnb

Put your Airbnb on Sale with Strikethrough Pricing 🏷 🛍

pricing sale Sep 16, 2020

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These days getting your short term rentals to stand out from the competition on Airbnb now more important than ever.

Sadly, we hosts, are competing on *PRICE*.

Let me show you have to do it like a Pro 💪

Airbnb seems to have noticed since it appears that listings with a lower price are appearing higher in search.

And to help them stand out even more, Airbnb has been adding a line through the original price and showing the discounted price next to it - this is called strikethrough pricing.

In this week's video I uncover how to get that coveted line through your price and a key tip on how to make it work best for you!

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