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Airbnb offers insurance now? Details on how to protect your Airbnb business

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Airbnb announced enhancements to the host protections they provide to hosts:

  • In the event that your home is damaged by a guest
  • In the event your guest is injured or their personal property is damaged during a stay in your home.

The impacts of these changes are important things to know when running your Airbnb business - since they can really impact your bottom line when things go wrong.

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 - 2:14 - Introduction & Airbnb pricing workshop

2:15 - 2:48 - 14 day period to submit damage claims on Airbnb

2:49 - 3:38 - Airbnb now covers extra cleaning costs from messy guests

3:39 - 4:28 - Income loss protection from Airbnb

4:29 - 5:19 - Airbnb covers damage caused by pets

5:20 - 6:07 - How long it will take Airbnb to resolve your damage claim

6:08 - 6:40 - Priority service for Airbnb Super Hosts

6:41 - 8:21 - Can you cancel your homeowner's insurance if you host on Airbnb?

8:22 - 9:41 - Airbnb's resolution centre can improve your bottom line

9:41 - 10:33 - How to run an Airbnb business

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