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Airbnb's New Cleaning Handbook is a Bit Much 🥺

cleaning covid19 opinion Jun 16, 2020

The Airbnb Cleaning Handbook has got me worried 😕. I think it's too detailed and will require far too much time and money to accomplish between every guest. Therefore giving guests a false sense of security.


There are some truly outrageous items in the handbook 🤦‍♀️. Others are simply impractical and are nearly impossible to accomplish for the average Airbnb business.

I believe the result will be that hosts will get the badge to keep pace with their competition and only do some of the cleaning between guests. The result is going to be an increased risk to guests and possibly an increased spread of the coronavirus 😷

Instead, I think Airbnb should have developed a cleaning guide that focused on getting the most highly contaminated surfaces sterile and left out the minute details to increase adherence. 😇

I explain it all in this video

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