The mystery is finally SOLVED: How to rank more consistently on the 1st page of search on Airbnb

Part 1 of 3 - How to Attract the Best Guests with Strong Hosting Stats


This week's video is the first of three in a series where I outline how I attract the best guests and avoid the worst ones. In this video, I explain key hosting stats and explain why they're so important. I uncover why you need to get back to guests as quickly as possible - being able to host the best guests depends on it! ⏰ ✅ 🛏

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Hi! And Welcome back to my channel. I’m Matt the creator of and Airbnb superhost. On this channel I uncover some of the best kept hosting secrets as well as share with you everything that I’ve ever learned after hosting over 3000 guests. It’s the channel where new host come to learn how to become great hosts. Even super hosts. This week’s episode is the first of a three part series about how to avoid the worst guests and attract the best ones. It’s based on my proven two step method that I use every day with my guests. I believe that it has saved me from literally hosting hundreds of undesirable guests over the years. It’s also how I’ve attracted reservations from some of the bests guests on the Airbnb platform. And I’m talking about Guests with over 100 5-star reviews.  I detail the entire method in my Ultimate Guide to Avoiding the Worst Guests, which posted to my website. I’ll link to it in the description below. Avoiding the best worst guests and attracting the best ones involves 3 major parts.

The first is your basic hosting stats, which we’ll talk about today. The next step is creating a strong set of house rules which will be the topic for next week’s episode and the last part is having strategies in place to deal with inquiries and requests from guests you do not want to host. I’ll cover that in 2 weeks time.

So let’s get into today’s topic – basic hosting stats. We need to understand how your listing is appearing to guests when they search for a place to stay. I’ll show you what actions you can take to improve your visibility so that your listing is front and center for the best guests. And we’ll start with the answer to a basic question… why do some listings appear first when a guest is searching for accommodation while others never seem to get past the third, fourth or even the tenth page of search.



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