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Official News: No Parties on Airbnb Anymore! What Does it Mean to Hosts and Short Term Rentals

covid19 new hosts parties Sep 02, 2020

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Airbnb has finally made it official parties are no longer allowed to be hosted over the platform.

Does this mean that you have to stop worrying about a guest throwing a party in your Airbnb or short term rentals? I'm not so sure.

Tune in to uncover why.

What I do know is that guests under the age of 25 won't be able to book your home if they live within a few hours - with one exception.

This new rule also means that the maximum number of guests that any one listing may host at a time is 16.

The No Party rule is definitely a positive change for reliable and responsible hosts, but I'm afraid it's not the be-all, end-all for your Airbnb business.


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