a LIVE Master Class for Airbnb Hosts

3 Hacks to Higher Payouts During the Pandemic

How to rise above your competition and minimize the spread of COVID19 without devoting countless hours to generating more income on Airbnb.
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In This Masterclass



The Actual Market Conditions

during the Pandemic that successful hosts are taking advantage of - right now - to increase their revenues. Uncover exactly which guests to target and appeal to.


How to Stand Out from the Competition 

End wondering about why other hosts are getting bookings and you're not. Learn and apply tactics to standout from your competition and rise in search results so that you listing is front and centre for guests to see and book! 


How to Win the Bookings 

Standing out from the competition and appearing on the first page of search is paramount. But once you have a guest's attention uncover how to lock in the reservation and beat out your competition.


To End Self-Checkin Nightmares  

Finally put a stop to the sometimes endless questions from guests who don't follow your written self-checkin instructions. 


How to Earn More 

Put it all together to generate robust revenues during the pandemic and emerge stronger than before it began!

Just Because we're in the grips of a global pandemic...


Doesn't mean your Airbnb is doomed. The nature of travel has changed, but it has not disappeared. While the opportunity has decreased in some markets, the future for short term vacation rentals is still as strong as ever!
Hosts who take the opportunity now to improve their hosting businesses as well as, their knowledge will emerge from the pandemic even stronger than before it began - and that's when the real revenue will flow.



This Masterclass is a Must Attend if... 

  • You've been struggling to break-even during the pandemic
  • If you're considering closing your Airbnb or moving to a long term tenant
  • You're a new host and you want to win right out of the gate

A Note From The Instructor...

I've been a Super Host for 5 years and in that time I've hosted over 3,000 guests and earned over 7 figures in revenue on Airbnb.


When the pandemic hit, I had to evaluate everything. I spent hours researching sanitization and cleaning practices. I also reengineered my marketing approach to appeal to weary travelers. I tested countless marketing tactics and fine tuned how to market within the restrictive, Airbnb system.
What emerged was a system and approach that led to more bookings and higher revenue - even in the midst of the worst downturn in the travel industry, in recent memory.
If you're determined to not let the pandemic stop you from earning more from your investment property, then I can't wait for you to join me.
See you there!
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